The 2017 Chamber Membership Drive

Each January, your Brownsville Chamber of Commerce invites you to join us as a “card-carrying” member. It’s also a great time for those who are already members to update their contact and business information, and send in their 2017 payments.

The biggest question on your mind is most likely something along the lines of “So how does membership in the Chamber benefit me?” Well, here’s a couple of things to entice you:

  • Get “insider” information on what is happening with other member businesses–these details can help you plan for growth or make decisions about hires, benefits, etc.
  • Get to know leadership and consider becoming a leader for the Chamber Executive Board
  • Be listed on our website Directory of Businesses
  • Learn more about how non-profit organizations run, from the nuts and bolts to helping train volunteers
  • Participate in community events and meet new friends and colleagues
  • Meet and network with fellow Brownsville business owners at monthly meetings
  • Be a presenter at the monthly meeting—put the spotlight on you!
  • Help steer business to Brownsville by participating in tourism activities and events
  • Get your business featured on our Brownsville Blog and Social Media

All of the reasons above (and plenty more) are part of the perks and benefits of being a Chamber member. Please join us! Use the links in the “Membership Resources” section below to apply for, or renew your membership.

Membership Resources

Membership form: The following is a link to an online Google Docs form for membership (both new or renewal). You may fill this out online and then download to your printer and mail with your payment. Please use the same form to update any information that has changed since last year. Please follow the instructions for checks and amounts at the end of the form. Online Google Doc Membership Application Form.

Volunteer and events form: The following is a form about your level of interest in Chamber activities. This will help the Chamber in deciding the level of our 2017 sponsorships and events. Please download the form and fill it in, mailing it along with your application/renewal form. Google Doc Volunteer/Events Form.

Where to mail your forms and payment: Mail your completed form, along with your check made payable to “Brownsville Chamber of Commerce”(or receipt of your online payment) to: Brownsville Chamber Membership, PO Box 161, Brownsville, OR, 97327.

Go paper free! If you would like to save paper and stamps, you are welcome to fill out the forms and pay online and email PDF copies to us along with your receipt. Save the completed Google Doc forms as PDFs and email them to our accountant.

Pay online

Use the Paypal button below to connect with an online payment option using your credit or debit card. Select the appropriate membership level (e.g. individual, number of employees, non-profit, senior, etc. in the drop-down menu. Make sure to print two copies of your receipt and mail one with your completed membership or renewal application.

Membership Level
Name (bus., org., indiv.)
Address, Phone, E-mail

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