The Brownsville Chamber of Commerce uses an organized committee structure to develop and implement its agenda.

2017 Chamber of Commerce

Board of Directors

  • Co-President

    John Morrison

  • Co-President

    Sharon McCoy

  • Co-President

    Crystal Smith

  • Directors at Large

    Dave Furtwangler,

    Joanne McQueary,

    Irene Corbett,

    Scott McDowell,

    Lynne Heller,

    Norman Simms,

    Sandy Mooers-Kayner,

    Patty Looper

  • Treasurer

    Dave Brown

  • Secretary

    Sue Frasier

Event/Activity Coordinators

The Event Committees are responsible for coordinating Chamber-sponsored events and assisting with Chamber-supported events. The Event Committees are chaired by the following individuals:

  • 4th of July Breakfast


  • Antique Faire

    Joe DeZurney

  • Business After Hours

    Sharon McCoy

  • Carriage Me Back

    Mandy Cole

  • Citywide Garage Sale


  • Flower Baskets

    Sharon McCoy

  • Home for the Holidays


  • Picnic Breakfast


  • Pioneer Picnic


  • Stand By Me


  • Trick or Treat

    Norm Simms