The Balancing Point Contact: Lynlee Bischoff
Address 113 Spaulding Ave Brownsville OR 97327
Phone: 541-650-1932 Website: The Balancing Point
Photo of The Balancing Point

The Balancing Point is a wellness center located in the heart of downtown Brownsville. We offer therapeutic massage & bodywork and (coming soon) wellness education courses in body awareness and meditation. Our on-line calendar at makes it easy to see what times are available, and then simply call or text to (541) 650-1932 to schedule. Lynlee Bischoff has been in practice since 1987 and continues to learn new techniques to assist you in reconnecting with your body and it’s innate power to heal itself. More than just massage, The Balancing Point is where relaxation and healing meet. Open Wednesday – Saturday by appointment only.

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