Peak Internet, LLC Contact: Bobby Samai
Address 1600 SW Western Blvd. #180 Corvallis OR 97333
Phone: (541) 738-4968 Website:

Serving Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley, Peak Internet is an outstanding internet provider with exceptional service.  Services available to Brownsville residents include broadband internet, reliable dial-up, and ultra-fast fixed wireless.  With options for city residents, as well as those living in a rural setting, Peak has exactly the services you need for reliable internet.

Peak also offers a variety of business services, including information technology support and call center services.  Looking to get your business online? Sign up for Peak’s web hosting service and know that your site will always be available and running when customers need it.

Perhaps the best thing about Peak, in this changing technology environment, is that they will not place data limits on your internet usage! This means you can use your internet as often as you’d like, without the risk of extra fees.

To sign up for any of their many services, call Peak Internet today.

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