Pacific Power
Address P.O. BOX 3040 Portland OR 97208-3040
Phone: 1-888-221-7070 Website:

Pacific Power is a leader in providing electric services to homes and businesses in California, Oregon, and Washington.  With programs aimed at increasing the use of renewable energy sources, Pacific Power is able to save you money while helping the environment.

Enroll in their Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program to help in this endeavor.  The program makes it easy to monitor your energy consumption, saving you valuable money that can be reallocated to other uses.

Whether you choose a renewable or standard program, you will find Pacific Power to be a friendly and caring provider.  Their user-friendly online interface makes tracking energy consumption and bill pay a breeze, and includes calculators and tools to help you manage your electricity.

Make Pacific Power your power company of choice, and know that you will always receive the highest possible quality of service and support.

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