Oregon Lamb Contact: Reed & Robyn Anderson
Address 36866 HWY 228 Brownsville OR 97327
Phone: 541-466-5866 Website: http://www.oregonlamb.com
Photo of Oregon Lamb

For 5 generations, Anderson Ranches has been providing high quality lamb to restaurants and grocers throughout Oregon and Washington.  The Anderson’s believe that the best lamb meat comes from naturally fed, free range animals.  Because of this, all lambs are 100% grass fed, and allowed to eat and grow at their own pace.

With a focus on sustainability, the Anderson’s make sure that nothing goes to waste.  Sheep are allowed to graze on crop pastures during the winter months, before being turned out to the hill pastures in the summer, ensuring that spring seed crops are healthy.  The remaining straw is then cut and bailed, and is then composted to use as fertilizer.  These processes led to Reed Anderson being awarded the Linn County Soil and Water Conservationist of the Year award in 2007-2008.

Previously only available to fine northwest restaurants, Oregon Lamb is now sold directly to consumers through the online catalog.  Providing all lamb meat products, including specialty sausages, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for from Anderson Ranches.  To order directly, call (541) 466-5866.


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