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Address PO Box 686 Brownsville Or 97327
Phone: (720) 326-3573
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Learn about Oregon’s fascinating geological history in a fun and exciting way! “Oregon Fossil Guy” conducts engaging presentations, programs, activities and field trips that both educate and entertain. You’ll be able to learn about and actually touch real fossils and minerals from our collections. You won’t find a dull, dry or structured approach here — we tailor our work to the audience, whether it is a kindergarten class or senior retirement community.

Discover the special brand of “edutainment” used by Guy DiTorrice – “Oregon Fossil Guy” – to engage audiences! We enjoy sharing the Earth Sciences with the public. Learn how Oregon plants and animals changed over the millennia. Presentations include hands-on specimen displays and audience participation, with multi-media formats available.

Program topics currently include:

Fossils You Can Find on Oregon Beaches — You’ll never walk on the beach the same again!
Dinosaur Digging in Montana — Getting dirty searching for a juvenile Duckbill dinosaur.
Eastern Oregon Fossil Digging — Basic fossil field forensics behind ‘The Tale of Three Skulls’.
Fossils From America’s Two West Coasts — Searching for huge fossil shark teeth on Florida’s Gulf Coast compared to collecting Oregon beach fossils.
Oregon’s State Fossil: Metasequoia — The story behind two Legislative sessions and making the case for a ‘state designation’.
Oregon’s State Rock: Thunderegg — How something so ugly on the outside hides such beauty inside.
Oregon’s State Gemstone: Sunstone — Crystalline clarity from the deep desert.
Doug Emlong: Oregon’s Smithsonian Connection — Hear how tons of Oregon and West Coast fossils found their way to our nation’s capital.


Plan a fossil field trip and learn about Oregon’s unique paleo-geology! You’ll even find your own pre-historic collectible from Oregon’s ancient times. Groups as small as two and as large as 30 are escorted to Oregon fossil sites, using accessible foot trails and paths.

An ideal way to entertain friends, families, and children who want something special to remember their trip to Oregon. Great field trip opportunity for homeschoolers, school and church youth groups, clubs and seniors. You bring sturdy walking shoes, appropriate clothing, snacks, jacket, and a hat. All other equipment and collection materials are supplied, including specimen bags, labels & bottled water.

Field trip includes briefings on:

Oregon Geology

Fossil Miocene Flora & Fauna

Fossil-Collecting Rules and Regulations

Personal Safety and Land Conservation

Fossil Collecting Tips

Oregon Fossils:

Snails, Clams, Crabs, Shrimp, Petrified & Teredo Woods as well as Fish & Mammal Bones

Our founder, Guy DiTorrice (aka “Oregon Fossil Guy”), enjoys fulfilling his lifelong desire collecting and sharing rocks and fossils, taking great joy ‘edutaining’ audiences on the topic of Oregon paleo-geological wonders.

Tons of Oregon fossils and thundereggs, Montana and Colorado petrified woods, Florida fossils, and a wide variety of minerals and other fossils for trade and sale. Contact us today for fossil and rock trades, fossil resources, or just plain fossil chit-chat. We love to connect with folk who enjoy all things geological and paleontological.

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