Close-Up Expeditions Contact: Donald Lyon
Address 352 Kirk Ave. OR 97327
Phone: 541-466-5969 Website:


Close-Up Expeditions takes guests on incredible photo excursions around the world.  Under the leadership of photographer Don Lyon, small groups are led to some of the world’s most unique and beautiful locations, and taught how to photograph the scenery in new and unique ways.

Expeditions can be customized to fit your groups preferences, or you can sign up to attend one of CUE’s pre-planned trips.  These adventures are suitable for all levels of photographers.  Everyone will benefit from Don’s advice and insights, and will make their way home with the best images they have ever taken.

To view some of Don’s work, please visit or his blog at,  For a once in a lifetime exploration, book your excursion with CUE today!

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