Cascade Timber Consulting Contact: Milt Moran
Address P.O. BOX 446 3210 HWY 20 Sweet Home OR 97386-0446
Phone: 541-367-2111 Website:
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Managing over 145,000 acres of timberland in Linn County, Cascade Timber Consulting has years of experience in forest management. They handle every aspect of the land they manage to ensure that the property will continue to provide income and environmental benefits for years to come.  With a focus on sustainability, Cascade Timber Consulting helps the local environment, and provides jobs to the community; they can help with your projects.

Services include firewood sales,  administrative work, land surveying, logging, marketing, reforestation, road maintenance, and all aspects of forest management.  Clients get greater income and save dollars by hiring Cascade Timber Consulting because of their experience, knowledge of current markets and relationship with local contractors. Doing your job in coordination with other projects allows you to save even more.

Wondering how much your timber is worth? Give Cascade Timber a call and schedule a timber cruise, where experts examine your property and provide an estimate of the timber volume and  value.

Located in Sweet Home, Cascade Timber manages land throughout the county, and is happy to assist with all of your timberland needs.

Categories: agriculture, forestry
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