Carlson Hardware Contact: Ed & Victor Carlson
Address P.O. Box 246 111 Stanard Ave. OR 97327
Phone: 5410-466-5108

The pinnacle building at the end of Main Street in Downtown Brownsville, Carlson Hardware has everything you need for building and repairing.  The shop is full of tools, nails, bolts, lumber, building materials, and equipment to help you complete every project.  Not sure what your looking for? Carlson’s is full of kind and knowledgeable staff, all ready to help you with whatever you need.

If you need some wood for your project, step out to the massive lumberyard and find the perfect board for the job.  There’s plenty of room to back your truck in and load up, or you can take advantage of Carlson’s delivery service.

Even if you are just taking a look around town, you don’t want to miss the friendly faces at Carlson’s.

Categories: Building Supplies, Construction, hardware
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